Screw Conveyor Unit Modules


Three Grades of CEMA Construction for Screw Diameters 6, 9, 12, 14 & 16.

  • Normal Duty - Usually for Non-Abrasive materials with up to 45% trough loading.
  • Heavy Duty - For Abrasive or Non-Abrasive material with up to 30% trough loading.
  • Extra Heavy Duty - Built for applications where special metals or coatings are not required.
  • Package pricing for timely customer response.
  • Three easy to order size codes for each service duty.
  • Standard Base 10' Long for 6" & 9" 12' Long for all others
  • Std Unit Extension 10' Long for 6" & 9" 12' Long for all others
  • Unit Half Extension 5' Long for 6" & 9" 6' Long for all others
  • Basic unit modules eliminates bothersome component pricing accumulation.
  • Focuses customers on buying and employees on selling three grades of service.
  • All components are of CEMA standard construction and tolerances.
  • Screws and inside troughs are unpainted.
  • Full pitch screws intended for control feed, and provided with no bare pipe for discharge.
  • Nylon bearings can be substituted for wood, use the SCC part number listed plus an "A".
  • All components of mild steel except for hanger bearings.
  • Units shipped ready to assemble with bolts.
  • Additional component parts can be ordered per SCC catalog 787D.
  • All other unit components cannot be substituted, exchanged, or returned.
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