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This cleaning mechanism is a urethane cleaning segment with a helical profile composed of 12 blades with a non-clogging design. The rotary scraper type is generally used to remove chocolate and other sticky material.


This cleaning mechanism is made of thin multiple urethane blades similar in design to a windshield wiper. The wiper blade is generally used to remove wet and oily material.


This cleaning mechanism is made of multiple strips or "fingers". The brush type is generally used to remove dust and powder. The rotary brush does an excellent job on tote belts where a non-skid surface must be maintained.

Our food grade Rotary Scraper models are manufactured with stainless steel mounting plates and shafts. Our Rotary Wiper Blade and Rotary Brush models utilize stainless steel shafts and nickel plated aluminum tubing. All hardware is FDA certified and all urthane components are made of FDA approved material. The units can be belt or direct drive. The cleaner's speed is coordinated with the belt speed to maximize performance. Rotation speed may vary from 300 RPM to 700 RPM and the scrapers/wipers/brushes rotate against the direction of belt travel on the return side.

The rotary scraper blades or segments have a long life cycle (at least 18 to 24 months) and will not wear or damage your belts. To eliminate any possibility of contamination, the point of contact between segments is sealed when the segments are mounted on the shaft. When replacement is necessary, just return the shaft to us. We will mount and seal the new segments and balance your shaft free of charge. Your only cost will be the replacement blades and shipping.

The Rotary Wiper and Rotary Brush elements have been uniquely designed so that they can be removed and replaced in less than 5 minutes without the use of tools - just pull them out and snap in the new ones.

The cleaners may be mounted anywhere on the return side of the conveyor frame where the belt is flat. The material or residue removed by the belt cleaner may be directed into the product main flow or it may be directed into an optional collection tray. The tray also acts as a safety guard for moving parts. Residue will not build up in the cleaner grooves because of the design and high rotation speed.

These low maintenance, productive units will not damage the belt, require minimum attention and provide uniform cleaning across the belt.

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