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Command Belt Cleaners

clr_belt_blueprintStrip Your Conveyor Belts of Dirt & Residue

We are Command Belt Cleaning Systems; the manufacturer of the finest, automated, power driven, rotary cleaner of flat conveyor belts. Hundreds of our conveyor belt cleaners are currently in use in some of America's largest companies and performing well in a wide variety of applications.

Installations are in food processing locations where conveyor belt cleanliness is a necessity to insure efficiency and scrapers can not do the job. In addition, we manufacture systems for all flat conveyor belt cleaning for a variety of industrial applications that require heavy duty service.

As you view the information on this site, we are sure that you will be impressed with our innovative method for making conveyor belt cleaning easier and more economical. You can truly say "Good-bye" to conveyor belt cleaning tools, conveyor belt cleaning liquids, residue build-up on idlers and pulleys, conveyor belt stretching and sanitation problems. Equally important, your maintenance staff will be available to work on other critical projects, and maintenance labor reduced.

In our brochures, sales literature and on this website we talk about reducing conveyor belt down-time and clean-up labor. We discuss the savings that will result when our conveyor belt cleaner is installed on your system, and how these savings will be greater than the cost of the cleaner.


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